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Welcome to our office! Meet our staff and learn about our products. See how we can help save you time and money on your heating and cooling bills.

How Can Low-E™ Help You?

  • Warmer in the Winter
  • Cooler in the Summer
  • Increases System R-Values
  • Creates a Better Building Envelope
  • Reduces Energy Consumption
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Why Buy Low-E™ Insulation?

Environmentally Safe Products from New Oxford, Pa. manufactures Low-E™ insulation. This is the highest quality reflective insulation on the market today.

Why is Low-E™ so Effective?

The key is the 99.4% polished aluminum facings on the product. Low-E™ stops 97% of radiant energy that it encounters from passing through the product.

Where Can You Buy Low-E™?

Distribution of our product is through national and local lumbar yards; residential and commercial building suppliers; heating and plumbing wholesale

Green Building & Low-E™?

Low-E™ Reflective Insulation meets current "green" standards in many ways, including but not limited to, increasing the thermal efficiency of the building envelope without increased space.

How are Low-E™ House Wraps so Efficient?

Low-E™ Housewrap meets the perm rating (breath ability requirements) as per ASTM E-96:4.65 but the unprecedented advantage of Low-E™ Housewrap is and additional R-Value of 4.17.

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